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The Manchester Beacon designed Comixed to shape and share knowledge collaboratively through live events, conversations, social media and artistic expression.

The second instalment of Comixed ties in with the PlayEverythingXLX day that is part of the FutureEverything FestivalXLX. It is being delivered in association with Manchester Science FestivalXLX, FutureEverythingXLX and Contact TheatreXLX. Whilst essentially taking on the same form as the first Comixed, this time we have two video remix artists who will record the conversations then mash-up the results, to give an unique and interesting interpretations of the issues being discussed. These remix workshops are open to all who fancy learning how to remix and mashup video.
Like last time we will be using and encouraging everyone to use Social Technology allowing the conversation to move outside the room. There is a Comixed Twitter account @comixedmcrXLX from which we’ll be tweeting, this blog, a flicker feedXLX and of course the video channelXLX to which we’ll be posting the videos and remixes. So feel free to comment and tweet, photograph and video. All we ask is that you tag you’re content with the Comixed hashtag #cmxd.
Manchester Beacon is working with a talented creative team to produce Comixed. The team is Julian from Littlestar TVXLX, David Oates the photographerXLX and Richard Ramchurn and Mauro Camel the video remix artists.

Each event is themed – e.g. Human enhancement or Identities – and speakers are invited to provide challenging and creative provocations around the theme to stimulate audience conversation and inspire artists (illustrators, VJs, DJs, actors…) to capture, re-mix and re-present the conversations back to the audience and provocateurs.

Comixed helps make underlying themes explicit, enables the implications and impact of new knowledge and research on society and provides the opportunity to re-imagine the future possibilities.

The lead up to a Comixed event begins a week to two weeks ahead of the live event as the theme is announced and provocations are shared online through various social media channels including this blog, the video channel and twitter @comixedmcr

Comixed: Enhanced

Before, during and after the live event, participants are encouraged to create and tag their own content with the Comixed tag #cmxd e.g. on twitter #cmxd

Comixed: Enhanced

Podcasts, remixes and photos are posted to various social media channels after the event to spread the co-created content widely through online networks.

The Manchester Beacon collaborates with Cultural Festivals, venues, artist collectives, producers and freelance artists to deliver and document Comixed.

See: Speakers, Artists & Partners for details of the people and organisations that we have had great fun working with.

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