Comixed: Remixed Videos

As part of Comixed: Enhanced we ran an afternoon of video remix and mashup workshops to enable people who had been in the day?s earlier debate to create videos from the footage shot and material provided. The workshops were ably run by Comixed: Enhanced video artists Richard Ramchurn and Mauro Camel.

The views and opinions expressed within these videos are those of the workshop participants… use the comments function to tell us what you think.

The Videos

Comixed: Remixed 1 from Manchester Beacon on Vimeo.

Comixed: Remixed 2 from Manchester Beacon on Vimeo.

Comixed: Remixed 3 from Manchester Beacon on Vimeo.

Comixed: Remixed 4 from Manchester Beacon on Vimeo.

Comixed: Remixed 5 from Manchester Beacon on Vimeo.

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Provocation: Tackling Climate Change

Posted by chichi | Climate Change | Monday 26 October 2009 11.02 am

Climate Change

Professor Callum Thomas, Chair of Sustainable Aviation, Centre for Air Transport and the Environment, Manchester Metropolitan University puts forward this provocation on tackling climate change:

The air transport industry has over the past 50 years driven patterns of trade and migration and in so doing helped create the Global economy and multicultural society.

The twin issues on climate change and peak oil are a threat to the future growth and development of aviation and the role it will play in the second half of the 20th Century as at present there is no alternative to carbon based fuels for air transport.

So will we get a step change in technology to carbon free flight or will we take our holidays in Blackpool rather than Benidorm?

What are your thoughts?  Please share them in the comments below.

Image credit: Weayaya