The Implications of Synthetic Biology – The Conversation

Posted by julian | Comics,Synthetic Biology | Wednesday 11 November 2009 12.58 pm

Hot off the press we have the first Comixed video slideshow on the potential and impact of Synthetic Biology. The discussion was  lead by Dr Martin Amos from Manchester Metropolitan University and is the first debate out of five held as part of the Comixed – A Comixed Networked Conservation.

The Implications of Synthetic Biology – Comixed from Manchester Beacon on Vimeo.

A Sneak Peek at the Comixed Comics

Posted by chichi | Comics | Thursday 5 November 2009 7.01 pm

As we mentioned after last week’s Comixed event, we are having a number of comics made from the COMIXED: A NETWORKED CONVERSATION event at the Zion Arts Centre, Manchester on 28th October.

The comics are being illustrated and created by Manchester-based designer/illustrator team YOUNG who attended the event.