The Implications of Synthetic Biology – The Conversation

Posted by julian | Comics,Synthetic Biology | Wednesday 11 November 2009 12.58 pm

Hot off the press we have the first Comixed video slideshow on the potential and impact of Synthetic Biology. The discussion was  lead by Dr Martin Amos from Manchester Metropolitan University and is the first debate out of five held as part of the Comixed – A Comixed Networked Conservation.

The Implications of Synthetic Biology – Comixed from Manchester Beacon on Vimeo.

Provocation: The Implications of Synthetic Biology

Posted by chichi | Synthetic Biology | Monday 26 October 2009 5.10 pm

The Implications of Synthetic Biology

Dr Martyn Amos, Senior Lecturer and Public Engagement Fellow, Department of Computing and Mathematics, Manchester Metropolitan University puts forward this provocation on Synthetic Biology:

The engineering of living cells is now routine; synthetic biologists are beginning to harness the power of life for the purposes of human-engineered processing.

Cells, gels and DNA are the wetware of the 21st century.

Engineered biological micro-bots will be directed at some of the most challenging problems facing humanity, but what are the risks, and who might get hurt?

A slightly scary future, some might say.

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Image credit: New Scientist